The Congressional Caucus for Effective Foreign Assistance (CCEFA) is a caucus of like-minded Members of Congress created for the purposes of examining the way the United States currently delivers foreign assistance, exploring success stories found in the efficient delivery of assistance, and furthering the overall effectiveness of foreign assistance.

Development assistance, coupled with defense and diplomacy, makes up the critical balance of America’s national security. In our increasingly interconnected world, the delivery of foreign assistance must be effective in order to successfully achieve our critical foreign policy objectives. The Caucus, through a variety of forums, plans on examining these issues and building consensus on the foreign assistance of tomorrow.

What’s At Stake

U.S. foreign assistance, funded by U.S. taxpayers and delivered through goods, training, and services, has the potential to change lives worldwide.  Foreign assistance is an investment of American resources into the development of sustainable global markets, reduction of global poverty, and achievement of greater national security.

Our Focus

The Caucus's focus includes four core themes: Aid Effectiveness, maximizing the impact of U.S. resources; Economic Development, improving people’s lives; Poverty Reduction, country driven results helping those most in need; and Security, promoting peace and stability through effective foreign assistance.

Our Goals

Development, coupled with defense and diplomacy, makes up the critical balance of U.S. national security and foreign policy. Our goals are to maximize the use of foreign assistance resources within the current global landscape, develop effective and coordinated strategies, and design and promote innovative approaches to deliver aid.